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  • Board theory examination scheduled on 22.11.2018(Thursday, FN and AN sessions) has been rescheduled to 27.11.2018(Tuesday, FN and AN sessions) Board theory examination scheduled on 24.11.2018(Saturday, FN and AN sessions) has been rescheduled to 29.11.2018(Thursday, FN and AN sessions)


quality policy

To impart and ensure value based quality education and mould the inherent talent of youth into skills required in the dynamic and highly competitive world of technology.

  1. Achieving higher standards of academic performance.
  2. Providing a motivating academic environment for a satisfying learning experience.
  3. Be the preferred institute of employers for placement.
  4. Modernizing facilities and updating knowledge and skills of faculty.

Sree krishna Institutions strive to be recognized as a centre of excellence for learning in Engineering, Technology and Management. To achieve this we are committed to:

  1. Continuously improving the quality of education and maintaining the institution as an effective human resource development organization under all changing environment.
  2. Pursuing Global standards of excellence in all our endeavors namely teaching, research and consultancy.
  3. Contributing to the nation and beyond, through the state-of-the-art technology, by producing vibrant technocrats, outstanding engineers and excellent managers who are ever willing to work with the spirit of challenge and innovation with high ethical and professional standards.