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  • Board theory examination scheduled on 22.11.2018(Thursday, FN and AN sessions) has been rescheduled to 27.11.2018(Tuesday, FN and AN sessions) Board theory examination scheduled on 24.11.2018(Saturday, FN and AN sessions) has been rescheduled to 29.11.2018(Thursday, FN and AN sessions)


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  1. Accomodation for over 200 students.
  2. Separate hostel facilities are available for boys.
  3. All rooms are provided with Fans and Tables. Modern Kitchen to provide Hygienic Food at reasonable rate.
  4. Adequate number of Bathrooms / Toilets.
  5. Phone facility for communication.
  6. Adequate recreation facilities.



Twelve buses are run from our college to Thuckalay, Colachel, Monday Market, Suchindram, Nagercoil, Kaliakavillai, Kollancode, Marthandam, Arumanai and Kulasekharam for the benefit of students at reasonable cost.

college bus


The college canteen contains delisious foods with nominal rates.Newly constructed canteen having 250 seating capacity is provided for Day Scholar Students. Hygienic food and snacks are supplied to students and staff at reasonable cost.


All members of the teaching and non-teaching staff and all the students are members of the library.

  • The college library will remain open during working hours on all working days.
  • Strict silence should be maintained in the library.
  • Student members shall borrow one book at a time against a library card.
  • Staff members shall borrow books and retain for one month, at the end of which the date may be renewed once and on the expiry of the renewal period the books must be returned to the library.
  • Reference books and periodicals may be referred in the reading room during working hours.
  • Every students is expected to handle the books of the library with scrupulous care.
  • If the book borrowed from the library is lost, the borrower must replace the same, failing which double the cost will be collected.



Book Bank is separately functioning in the library. Text book will be issued to SC/ST and poor deserving students.

book bank


N.S.S. units with an enrolment of 200 student volunteers are carrying out social awareness programmes with a view to develop social activities in student life by way of rendering all sorts of service to people of the surrounding backward rural areas. These two units are headed and guided by the Programme Officers Mr. P. Chandran, Lect., / English and Mrs. I. Sylaja, S.Lect./ HOD i/c.


Under physical education students are coached in Major games such as Football, Cricket, Basket Ball, Volley Ball, Kabbadi, Ball Badminton, all indor games and Yoga. We provide facilities to undergo practice in all track and field events. Our College team participate in divisional and inter divisional Tournaments and Atheletic team at Divisional and Inter Devisional level sports meet every year. To inculcate team spirit and sportsmanship qualities among students, we are conducting annual intramural tournaments and sports meet.


Youth Red Cross Unit was started in the year of 2005. All the students of our college are memebrs of the YRC unit. Meetings are conducted to moitivate the students to do social service works.