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  • Board theory examination scheduled on 22.11.2018(Thursday, FN and AN sessions) has been rescheduled to 27.11.2018(Tuesday, FN and AN sessions) Board theory examination scheduled on 24.11.2018(Saturday, FN and AN sessions) has been rescheduled to 29.11.2018(Thursday, FN and AN sessions)


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Sree Krishna Polytechnic College aims to provide high quality technical education in various Diploma engineering disciplines with an emphasis on learning an application. Further, we strongly believe that our students emerge from the portals of our institution as responsible citizens with sound values and positive attitude.

The Evolution and development of our polytechnic into an institution of excellence has been in large measure due to the leadership, faculty, staff and students working together towards all round individual and institutional success and enjoying doing so. The KRISHNANVAKA EDUCATIONAL TRUST is committed to support the polytechnic along with the Directorate of Technical Education, Tamilnadu in all its initiatives that will provide quality education and training that is meaningful and affordable.